There are 23 Cree communities within Manitoba and Ininímowin is one of the most widely spoken Indigenous languages in Canada. Ininímowin and has 5 major dialects; Western/Plains Cree, Northern/Woodlands Cree, Central/Swampy Cree, Moose Cree, and Eastern Cree.

Here in Manitoba, the majority of speakers are "N" dialect/Swampy Cree with many variations in dialect. There is no standard writing system for Ininimowin, but is often written using syllabics or roman orthography.

Source: Indigenous Languages of Manitoba

Ininímowin Programs and Resources at MICEC

MICEC has many resources and programs available for Ininímowin speakers, learners and those interested in learning more about the people, cultures and language.

Check out the following links for more Ininímowin resources:

  • Let's Get Cree-zy: A project MICEC did in 2020-2021 to support Ininímowin learning and teaching. Includes videos, activities, audio files, vocabulary lists and much more.
  • Ininímowin Community Language Table: MICEC started to host a Community Language Table for the Ininímowin Language in 2021. This space is for learners, teachers, and speakers at any stage of their journey who want to be together, and to speak and hear Ininïmowin. We play games, eat food, and laugh together and practice our language.
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