One of the pillars of MICEC is the support and promotion of Indigenous cultural education to all interested. We do this by creating space and opportunity for our community to share and learn from each other, by supporting our collective understandings and uplifting our Knowledge Keepers and community leaders.

Knowledge sharing at MICEC includes supporting and maintaining:

  • Indigenous languages knowledge,
  • traditional and contemporary cultural skills, and
  • promoting cross-cultural awareness.

Doing Immersion Differently - Zoom Class with Aandeg Muldrew

During the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a dramatic increase in online learning forums, and while our preference is always to spend time together in person, we don't expect we will be able to do so until well in to 2022. Thus, these projects focus on supporting online learners to continue to grow with their development in remote settings.

Making the first step towards reclaiming your cultural knowledges can be scary, triggering and full of emotions for many of us. Creating a safe learning environment with a friendly and familiar leader is a key part of MICEC's programs.

These resources were developed in the spirit of passing down our knowledges to future generations. Please feel free to share these pages with your kids, families and communities at no cost. When we learn about ourselves, our neighbours and our communities, we develop a strong sense of who we are and we ensure that the knowledge of our ancestors is passed down to future generations. We wish you the best on your learning journey!

Anishinaabemowin (Ojibwe) Language Learning Resources

Cree Language Learning Resources

Unite Interactive