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Cover   Corpse Whale

   By dg nanouk okpik

A self-proclaimed "vessel in which stories  are told from time immemorial," poet dg nanouk okpik seamlessly melds both traditional and contemporary narrative, setting her apart from her peers. The result is a collection of poems that are steeped in the perspective of an Inuit of  the twenty-first century—a perspective that is  fresh, vibrant, and rarely seen in contemporary poetics. 

Fearless in her craft, okpik brings an experimental, yet poignant, hybrid aesthetic to  her first book, making it truly one of a kind. "It  takes all of us seeing, hearing, touching, tasting,  and smelling to be one," she says, embodying these words in her work. Every sense is amplified as the poems, carefully arranged, pull the reader into their worlds. While each poem stands on its own, they flow together throughout the collection into a single cohesive body. 

The book quickly sets up its own rhythms, moving the reader through interior and exterior landscapes, dark and light, and other spaces both ecological and spiritual. These narrative, and often visionary, poems let the lives of animal species and the power of natural processes weave into the human psyche, and vice versa. 

Okpik's descriptive rhythms ground the reader in movement and music that transcend everyday logic and open up our hearts to the richness of meaning available in the interior and exterior worlds.

Published by University of Arizona Press



  The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven

  By Sherman Alexie

When it was first published in 1993, The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven established Sherman Alexie as a stunning new talent of American letters. The basis for the award-winning movie Smoke Signals, it remains one of his most beloved and widely praised books. 

Sherman Alexie’s critically celebrated first collection, The Lone Ranger and  Tonto Fistfight in Heaven established its author as one of America’s most important and provocative voices. Vividly weaving memory, fantasy, and stark reality to paint a portrait of life in and around the Spokane Indian reservation, this book introduces some of Alexie’s most beloved characters who inhabit his distinctive landscape. There is Thomas Builds-the-Fire, the storyteller who no one seems to listen to, and his compatriot—and sometimes not-so-great friend—Victor, the basketball hero who turned into a recovering alcoholic. Now with two new stories and an introduction from Alexie, these twenty-four interlinked tales are narrated by characters raised on humiliation and government-issue cheese, and yet filled with passion and affection, myth and charm. Against a backdrop of alcohol, car accidents, laughter, and basketball, Alexie depicts the distances between Indians and whites, reservation Indians and urban Indians, men and women, and most poetically, modern Indians and the traditions of the past.

Published by Atlantic Monthly Press



Image result for str8 up and gangs coverStr8 Up and Gangs : The Untold Stories

By 13 Ex-Gang Members

Who better to provide the knowledge of how to avoid gang affiliation, the tremendous price one pays for such a lifestyle and the risks and inevitable hardships associated with it than ex-gang members?  

These are the true life stories of thirteen men who have chosen to share their hearts, their pain, and their grief to reach at-risk youth before they become involved in gang life.  

This is their way to give back to their communities.  In doing so, they not only reach the youth they seek to help, but they educate the general public and empower themselves as well.  

Published by Hear My Heart Books