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Doing Immersion Differently Logo Designed by Sadie-Pheonix LavoieTeaching and Learning Anishinaabemowin in Immersion Settings

These language learning kits were created in collaboration with Anishinaabemowin language teachers, Anishinaabe language learners, MICEC Staff and a team of consultants and expert. We wanted to create a functional take-home resource for language teachers and students that is accessible for both online and in-person learning.

Materials included in these kits are immersion-learning philosophy, language learning games and activities, plus both audio and visual aids. Each resource includes a suggested time-frame, a list of materials needed, overview of the activity, learning objectives, steps to follow, as well as adaptation idea.

Immersion learning is a language-learning philosophy that emphasizes the importance of immersing the learners in the target language as much as possible in order to enhance the learners fluency and comfortability in the language. In immersion learning, Anishinaabemowin is more than the subject of the lesson, it is the language of instruction. Creating and maintaining immersion contexts is challenging as increasingly language learners outnumber language speakers. These kits utilize immersion language philosophy so we encourage teachers to give instructions in the language as much as possible, in order to build student confidence and efficacy in the language.

These language-learning kits were developed in the spirit of passing down Anishinaabemowin to future generations. When we learn our language, we develop a strong sense of self, an understanding of our relationships to each other and a deep understanding of belonging in the world. We wish you the best on your language learning journey! Please feel free to share these kits with your kids, families and communities at no cost. Our goal is to provide and highlight resources that enable every language speaker to become a teacher and for every language learner to become a language speaker.

Download the Doing Immersion Differently Project Overview here.

Kits, activities and resources have been created to support many different levels of learners, please click on the kit that interests you to learn more:


We give thanks to all of the committed teachers, speakers and learners who guided and inspired the work of this project.

Teachers Cohort

  • Pat Ningewance, Teacher
  • Aandeg Muldrew, Facilitator
  • Gloria Barker
  • Wanda Barker
  • Dennis Chartrand
  • Tom Favel
  • Tiffany Langan
  • Virginia Pateman
  • Roger Roulette
  • Corey Whitford

Advanced Learners Cohort #1

  • Aandeg Muldrew, Teacher
  • Virginia Pateman, Facilitator
  • Gabrielle Farrell
  • Ozaawibinesii (Brandon Gaudette)
  • Binesigichidaakwe (Kate McDonald)
  • Brigitte Neganigwane
  • Ozten Paul
  • Bimikawe (Kevin Ritchie)
  • Westin Sutherland
  • Kale Swampy
  • Laura Winter

Advanced Learners Cohort #2

  • Pat Ningewance, Teacher
  • Virginia Pateman, Facilitator
  • Perry Bebamash
  • Ozaawibinesii (Brandon Gaudette)
  • Tiffany Langan
  • Quinn Meawasige
  • Waagesiniwikwe (Monique Paulson)

Advanced Learners Cohort #3

  • Tiffany Langan, Co-Teacher
  • Virginia Pateman, Co-Teacher
  • Ozaawibinesii (Brandon Gaudette)
  • Quinn Meawasige
  • Waagesiniwikwe (Monique Paulson)

Advanced Learners: Cohort #4

  • Pebaamibines (Dennis Jones) Teacher
  • Waapishki Kiisis Ikwe (Mindy Meyers) Co-Teacher
  • Binesigichidaakwe (Kate McDonald)
  • Luke Hildebrand
  • Giizizwedamok (Whitney Guimond)
  • Mooshkine Waasigek (Darcy Jones)
  • Waawaategiizhigook (Shannon King)

Kids: Akinoomoshin Wiigwam

  • Leland Bell, Akinoomaaged
  • Cotnee (Francis) Kaboni, Akinoomaaged
  • Mary Lou Manitowabi, Akinoomaaged
  • Julia Pegahmagabow, Niigaanizid
  • Davis Armstrong
  • Lex Armstrong
  • Tate Armstrong
  • Wren Zhawenim Gotts
  • Levi Hanninen
  • Cameron Manitowabi
  • Hope Manitowabi
  • Patience Manitowabi
  • Amikohns Petahtegoose
  • Jodi Armstrong
  • Forest-Rebecca Gotts
  • Ashley Manitowabi
  • Heather Manitowabi
  • Deanna Nebenionquit
  • Chuck Petahtegoose

Intermediate Learners: Cohort #1

  • Roger Roulette, Teacher
  • Virginia Pateman, Facilitator
  • Dawnis Kennedy
  • Noah Malazdrewicz
  • Anna Parenteau
  • Dené Sinclair

Intermediate Learners: Cohort #2

  • Dennis Chartrand, Teacher
  • Melba Laferine, Facilitator
  • Dawnis Kennedy
  • Binesigichidaakwe (Kate McDonald)
  • Anna Parenteau
  • Dené Sinclair

Intermediate Learners: Cohort #3

  • Wanda Barker, Teacher
  • Gloria Barker, Facilitator
  • Velma Ballantyne
  • Jeremy Barker
  • Hilda Kent
  • Jennifer Hume

Babies and Their Parents

  • Ariya and Logan with Shawna Olson & Preston Cleveland

The Doing Immersion Differently project logo was designed and created by Sadie-Pheonix Lavoie

Doing Immersion Differently Logo Designed by Sadie-Pheonix Lavoie

About the logo: This graphic logo includes a circle of 5 Indigenous people of various ages sitting around an Elder giving a language lesson while outdoors. Graphic also includes a soaring eagle in the background. In the centre depicts an Elder woman wearing all white. This was intended to symbolize the white buffalo calf woman whom the Dakota people received ceremonies from, such as the Sundance, and was meant to connect the importance of our languages to practice our sacred ceremonies. The Eagle represents Love and is part of the Anishinaabe 7 clan system. Eagles soar the highest in the sky thus are recognized to be the closest to the Creator. It is also believed that if you spot an eagle it symbolizes one is on the right path or will be met with something that will lead them towards mino bimaadiziwin, the good life. Our languages are entwined with our environments and with who we are as Indigenous nations. Learning our traditional language is directly linked to reclaiming our sacred spaces and expresses the ways we respect the lands and waters.

About the artist: Sadie-Pheonix Lavoie is a Winnipeg-based Indigenous two-spirit artist that focuses on poetry, storytelling, freelance photography, graphic design, and painting.

Doing Immersion Differently Project Team

Doing Immersion Differently is a project of the Manitoba Indigenous Cultural Education Centre, and made possible with funding by:


With additional support from our programming partners and funders for 2020-2022.

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