Intermediate - Adults

This language learning kit was created in collaboration with Pebaamibines (Dennis Jones), Waapishki Kiisis Ikwe (Mindy Meyers), the language learners they have been working with, and the MICEC Language Development Team.

The activity in this kit was inspired by the methods shared that Pebaamibines and Waapishki Kiisis Ikwe shared with us, Roger Roulette's workbook, Gidinwewin and lesson 14 in Patricia Ningewance's Grassroots Language Teaching book, Reclaiming Our Territory, Word by Word. The Where are we Going? Activity is designed to be a functional take-home resource for language teachers and students that is accessible for both online and in-person learning.

This kit is for intermediate teachers and learners of any age. Intermediate learners know basic Anishinaabemowin words and phrases and are learning to use the language in conversation. They are learning to understand and respond to fluent speakers without relying on English. They also benefit greatly from opportunities to engage and respond to each other, especially with the guidance of a first language speaker.


Intermediate Adults Kit Overview

The overview serves as a starting point for using this kit. It contains an explanation about who this kit is intended for as well as an overview of the materials included, a statement about MICEC's immersion philosophy, and a list of further resources.

Download the full Intermediate Adult Immersion Learning Kit here.

Developing Conversation Skills Video

In this video, Pebaamibines and Waapishki Kiisis Ikwe demonstrate how they work with a cohort of students to take them from beginner to intermediate speakers of Anishinaabemowin over four weeks.

Transcripts & Translations

We include transcriptions and English translations to follow along with the Developing Conversations Skills Video.

Click here to download the transcript for the Developing Conversation Skills video.

Where are we Going? Activity

In this activity, learners will acquire and use sentence patterns to ask and answer simple and complex questions about where people are going. It includes multiple levels and variations for the activity as learners progress.

Download the Where Are We Going Activity Instructions here.

Where are we Going? Google Slides

These four google slide presentations guide learners through the words and phrases used in the Where are we Going? Activity.

Level 1:

Level 2:

Level 3:

Level 4:

Where are we Going? Jamboard

These 3 Jamboards allow learners to build simple and complex questions and responses used in the Where are we Going? Activity.

Where Are We Going Jamboard Level 1 & 2

Where Are We Going Jamboard Level 3

Where Are We Going Jamboard Level 4

Where are we Going? Vocabulary

This vocabulary provides a word and phrase list that supports the Where are we Going? activity for teachers and learners of Anishinaabemowin.

Download the Where Are We Going Vocabulary List here

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