Advanced Kit Overview

The overview serves as a starting point for using this kit. It contains an explanation about who this kit is intended for as well as an overview of the materials included, a statement about MICEC's immersion philosophy, and a list of further resources.

Download the full Advanced Ojibwe Immersion Learning Kit here.

Transcript & Translations

We include transcriptions and English translations to follow along with the Facilitated Conversation: Introductions Video.

Click here to download the transcript for the Introductions Video.

Video: Introductions

This video includes an introduction activity where learners are asked to introduce themselves. Learners are then encouraged to ask each other follow up questions in various rounds of introduction prompts.

Introductions Activity

In this activity, learners will have an opportunity to respond to questions about themselves, to pose questions and provide answers to their peers and to engage each other in conversation.

Download the Introductions Activity instructions here.

Introductions Vocabulary

This vocabulary provides a word and phrase list that supports the Introductions Activity demonstrated in the Introductions Video.

Download the Introductions Vocabulary List here

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