Community Language Table

Ininímotán: Let's Speak Cree

Ininímotán is the MICEC Community Language Table for learners of Ininímowin (the Cree Language). Community Language Tables are a safe place for learners to gather together to learn, practice and speak.

This series of educational videos is based on the book: Gidinwewin by Roger Roulette as well as the Boogidi Book & Game (all available for purchase from MICEC). The videos are produced by the MICEC Education Team: Dawnis Kennedy, Sharissa Neault & Kale Swampy,

These videos were created as a resource for all learners and include audio from First Language Speakers, as well as adult and kid learners. They provide an overview of what community members are learning and practicing together at our online classes. Enjoy!

Beginner Lessons #1


Nímitán, Nímitán

This video is a karaoke adaptation of Niimidaa, Niimidaa in Ininímowin. The original song was versioned by Roger Roulette, sung by Dennis Chartrand and produced by Indigenous Languages of Manitoba (ILM) in 2009. With permission from ILM it was adapted into Ininímowin by Sharissa Neault with guidance from Donna Kvarfordt, and Jessie Anderson. The karaoke version was created by MICEC to help Language Table participants learn the song.

The original CD "Nagamodaa" contains 12 songs, lyrics and translations in Anishinaabemowin. It can be purchased from the Indigenous Languages of Manitoba online store.

This project is funded by the Government of Canada and the First Nation Confederacy of Cultural Education Centres

Funded by the Government of Canada
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