Knowlege keepers and community leaders

Promoting awareness and understanding of Indigenous

MICEC is the largest cultural education centre in Manitoba where anyone can learn about Indigenous peoples, cultures and languages in Manitoba. MICEC has 3 program areas: The People's Library, The Heritage Collection and the Community Connections Program.

The main space features a large display area with hundreds of artifacts and works of art. A mezzanine level houses more than 14,000 books and a unique children's reading area.

There are many programs and services happening throughout the year, giving the Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities a wonderful opportunity to learn about many different Indigenous cultures.

In addition to having on-site resources available, our Heritage Collection and The People's Library can be accessed on the web and purchases of Indigenous resources can be made online through our Shopify store.

We invite you to view our programs and education sections of the website by visiting:

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