Anishinaabemowin Immersion

This language learning kit was created in collaboration with Anishinaabemowin language teachers, Anishinaabe language learners, MICEC Staff and a curriculum writer. We wanted to create a functional take-home resource for language teachers and students that is accessible for both online and in-person learning.

The resources in this kit are intended to be used with advanced learners. Advanced learners may have grown up hearing Anishinaabemowin and understand the language, but may not yet feel confident while speaking in the language. Advanced learners may also be those who have learned Anishinaabemowin as a second language, who have worked to acquire enough skill to participate in conversation through class instruction, individual study, apprenticeship and/or immersion experience. We hope to inspire all language carriers to take risks, and build their confidence expressing themselves in Anishinaabemowin and sharing the language with others.

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