Community Connections Program

Are you interested in learning more about Indigenous cultures?

The Community Connection Program provides opportunities to learn about Indigenous languages, cultures and peoples in Manitoba and promotes engagement with our Heritage Collection and The Peoples Library materials. The program is delivered through partnerships, activities, workshops, presentations, tours, and displays.

Our activities include:

  • Community Indigenous language tables and classes, and crafting sessions;
  • Yearly workshops, on art and crafting techniques, family language classes, teacher training, traditional medicines and food preparation;
  • Presentations on Indigenous Peoples of Manitoba, Treaty Relationships, Traditional Parenting, Indigenous Education, Cultural Reclamation, Traditional Games and Language Learning Activities; and,
  • Tours of MICEC, our heritage collection, our programs and resources, for individuals and groups.

Indigenous resources

Our Library has Over 14,000 items and 1,000 Pieces of Artwork, Sculptures, Carvings and Archeological Artifacts!

We have a designated heritage building that features a large library with over 14,000 items and over 1,000 pieces of artwork, sculptures, carvings, and archeological artifacts that we use to enhance the learning experience.

Because of our incredible collection we encourage visitors to use our space. We also participate in conferences and special events by providing cultural displays throughout the year.

These events include Indigenous Day Live, Manitoba Day, Doors Open Winnipeg, Austin Street Festival and others upon request.

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