Bedtime Activities

Babies and their Caregivers Kit Overview

The overview serves as a starting point for using this kit. It contains an explanation about who this kit is intended for as well as an overview of the materials included, a statement about MICEC's immersion philosophy, and a list of further resources.

Download the full Babies and Their Caregivers Immersion Learning Kit here.

Bedtime Book Activity

This document explains how to use the Bedtime Book that supports caregivers who want to use the Anishinaabe language in their families bedtime routine.

Download the Bedtime Activity instructions here.

Bedtime Vocabulary

This vocabulary provides a word and phrase list that supports the bedtime book activity.

Download the Bedtime Vocabulary List here, or scroll down for full list with audio files by Roger Roulette.

Additional Bedtime Vocabulary

This vocabulary provides a word and phrase list that supports further Anishinaabe language use during bedtime.

Download the additional bedtime vocabulary list here.

Ozhiitaadaa Ji-Nibaayang!: A Bedtime Book

This bedtime book is a google slides presentation that includes Anishinaabemowin text, English translations and audio of a first language speaker pronouncing the phrases.

My Custom Bedtime Book

This customizable bedtime book allows caregivers to focus on phrases that are relevant to their family bedtime routine and customize it for their child or children.

Make your own Bedtime Book by clicking here and go to File> Make A Copy. See the Activity instructions above for more information.

Ariya & Logan's Bedtime Book

This custom bedtime book is an example of a My Custom Bedtime Book that has been customized for use by one family. It includes audio of each word from Roger Roulette (which may take a moment to load).

These language-learning kits were developed in the spirit of passing down Anishinaabemowin to future generations. Please feel free to share these kits with your kids, families and communities at no cost. When we learn our language, we develop a strong sense of self and we ensure that the knowledge of our ancestors is passed down to future generations. We wish you the best on your language learning journey!

Bedtime Vocabulary with Audio

Audio Files by Roger Roulette

Ozhiitaadaa ji-nibaayang!

Let's get ready to sleep!

Gegaa sa dibikan.

It is almost night.

Gegaa sa dibikad.

It is almost night.


Let's get ready!


Let's tidy up!


Let's have a snack (Let's have a taste)!

Nibi minikwedaa!

Let's have a drink of water!

Na'atoodaa miijim!

Let's put away the food!


Let's brush our teeth!


Let's wash up!/Let's bathe!


Let's get dressed!


Let's smudge!

Asaadaa asemaa!

Let's offer/place some tobacco down!


Let's pray!


Let's go out (to the bathroom)!


Let's close them (the blinds/curtains/blankets)!

Naazikawaadaa, gimakoonsim!

Let's go get him/her/them (sg) your (teddy) bear!

Nagamon nagamodaa!

Let's sing a song!


Let's read!


Let's turn them off (the lights)!


Let's lay down (to sleep)!


Let's cover up with a blanket!


The moon is out (it is moonlit).

Daga nibaadaa!

Let's go to sleep!

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