Community Connection Program

Are you interested in learning more about Indigenous culture? Contact us today to book your activity or presentation!

The Community Connection Program provides information on many aspects of Indigenous cultures in Manitoba. The program is delivered through activities, lectures, workshops, presentations, tours and display. Topics can include, but are not limited to, history, childrearing practices, livelihood, residential schools, and language. Content is tailored to the interest, requirements, size and age-range of the group.

Our Library has Over 10,000 Titles and 1,000 Pieces of Artwork, Sculptures, Carvings and Archaeological Artifacts!

We have a designated heritage building that features a large library with over 10,000 titles and over 1,000 pieces of artwork, sculptures, carvings, and archaeological artefacts that we use to enhance the learning experience. Because of our incredible collection we encourage visitors to use our space, however, we are more than happy to deliver our program anywhere that it is requested. For example, visiting a classroom or setting up a display at a conference or special event.

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