Heritage Collection

The Heritage Collection at MICEC consists of hundreds of historically important and culturally relevant objects. The collection includes documents, recordings, sculpture, clothing, artefacts, crafts, medicines and regalia representing Indigenous communities, cultures, peoples and languages from across Manitoba.

Included in our collections are documents and recordings of Indigenous communities in Manitoba from the 1960s including Indigenous language recordings and video from the centennial celebrations at Lower Fort Garry. In addition to the objects of cultural significance, there is a significant archeological collection from across the province, as well as clothing, tools, and photographs which tell the story of Indigenous peoples in Manitoba over the past 150 years. More recently, MICEC has accured an art collection which includes carvings, sculpture, crafts and paintings by Indigenous artists, both well-known names and lesser known, yet equally beautiful and important.

The Heritage Collection at MICEC receives significant and growing interest from outside organizations, as well as our growing audience of visitors, and we wish to keep the collection healthy and in good condition for generations to come. This one-of-a-kind collection consists of a variety of objects in contemporary and traditional forms. Items are on display in our main space and also throughout the building.

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We have a wide range of unique offerings that represent the variety of Indigenous cultures in Manitoba including:

Artifacts (76) Carvings (107) Clothing (21) Crafts (59)
Paintings (263) Other (0)    
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