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Ojibway Thunderbird

Artist: Norval Morrisseau

Date: 1978

Limited Edition Print 358 of 500

20 x 27.5 Inches

Norval Morrisseau / Copper Thunderbird (1932-2007), First Nations Ojibwa artist, Woodlands style.

Morrisseau founded the Woodlands style of art. He learned Ojibwa history and culture primarily from his grandfather Moses "Potan" Nanakonagos and later collected traditional narratives from his tribe in the 1950s. This oral history provided subject matter for his paintings, and he drew upon dreams and visions. Morrisseau said, "all my painting and drawing is really a continuation of the shaman's scrolls." Ojibwe rock art and birch bark scrolls, Wiigwaasabak, were stylistic antecedents of the Woodland style.

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