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Untitled - Deer Family

Artist: Garry Young

Date: 2008

Limited Edition Print 89 of 200

22 x 12 Inches

Gerry Young was born and raised in the Northern Manitoba community of Easterville. At the early age of six, Garry began to produce sketches of his culture and his surroundings, using any material available to him at the time. During his teen years he gained more interest in refining the natural talents he possesses, continuing to the present, to produce sketches and paintings on canvas as well as hide and other materials, sharing his insight, pride and enjoyment with individuals and families in many northern communities of Manitoba. Some of Garry's artworks are being reproduced commercially in Canada under the name "Visions". One of Garry's present interest include becoming an art instructor in his community, so that he might be able to pass on his talent for others to carry on.

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