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Untitled - Turtles

Artist: Jackie Traverse

Date: N/A

Acrylic on Canvas.

6 x 12 Inches

Jackie Traverse is a graduate from the school of fine arts at the University of Manitoba. She is an Anishinabe from Lake St. Martin, First Nations. Jackie works in all mediums from sculpture, mixed media, and video.
Jackie Traverse is already widely known in art communities across Canada. Her paintings, drawings, documentaries, and sculptures speak to realities of being an Aboriginal woman.
She has created stop-motion animation on missing and murdered women in Canada. Jackie is deeply moved by the injustices faced by First Nations people.
Through her art she expresses her ideas and opinions while striving to inspire dialogue on addressing her people's social issues. Jackie's painting is truly where her heart lies. She feels the strongest spiritual connection with all that she creates. Her happiest moments are when she is painting

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