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Kimberly Halcrow on Ininímowin for Kids and Families

MICEC Online is a series of virtual educational presentations and discussions on themes of traditional parenting, food, medicine, crafting, language, storytelling, reconciliation and more.

The Manitoba Indigenous Cultural Education Centre is a not-for-profit charitable organization, and a member of the First Nations Confederacy of Cultural Education Centres. MICEC supports Indigenous language knowledge, traditional and contemporary cultural skills, and cross-cultural awareness.

On this session of MICEC Online we were joined by Kimberly Halcrow, an Ininíwi Iskwéw from Norway House Cree Nation. Kimberly is a Cree language teacher at the Gillam School in the Frontier School Division where she has worked for nearly six years. Kimberly never imagined that she would be teaching in Gillam, and since then has also shared her knowledge of the Cree language with MICEC, Indigenous Languages of Manitoba and the Manitoba Aboriginal Languages Strategy (MALS). Recently, Kimberly completed a program through the University of Winnipeg and MALS, and is now a certified language teacher. Kim has also taken on the role of translator for a television show called Sky Med.

Thank you to the NIB Trust Fund for supporting MICEC Online.

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